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OUR NUMBER 1 PRIORITY IS CUSTOMER SERVICE Frequently Asked Questions: Q: How can I buy products from miraclecrystal.com? A: You can make a purchase through our easy checkout process, where you can select the following payment method: Credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.), PayPal, or Bank Transfer Our information for bank transfers: Komerční banka, a.s., Řipská 28, 130 00 Praha 3, Czech Republic Bank account No. (EUR payments): 107-8750930297/0100 Bank account No. (USD payments): 107-8751050267/0100 Q: Can I place orders via e-mail? A: We prefer orders made using our online checkout at www.miraclecrystal.com. However, for convenience and customers' satisfaction, you can also submit orders via: info@miraclecrystal.com. If you need help, you can contact our customer service (+420 778 701 801) or send us your contact info by email (info@miraclecrystal.com) to request a call back assistance. Q: I would like to purchase a product from MIRACLE CRYSTAL website, and I live abroad. Can I still make the order? A: Yes, at MIRACLE CRYSTAL, we do world-wide shipping with special competitive rates! Q: Are there any additional charges, if I live outside EU? A: Deliveries to countries outside the European Union are subject to the regulations applicable in the country of destination. Our deliveries are made on a DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid) basis, which means that customers must pay all clearance and customs duties. For deliveries outside the European Union, taxes and customs fees will be charged to the delivery address and will be requested at the time of the delivery. The bill will be sent with the parcel unless the delivery and invoice address are different. Q: Do your prices include VAT (Value added tax)? A: Prices include VAT for all countries members of the European Union. For all other countries, prices do not include VAT. If you would like to make an order as a business within EU, please indicate, in the relevant part of the order form, the corporate name and VAT number. You will then get the invoice with price excluding VAT. Q: Does MIRACLE CRYSTAL website offer businesses a special price list? A: Yes we do. Please ask our customer service either by email or by phone for further possibilities and special conditions (E: info@miraclecyrstal.com, T: +420 778 701 801). Q: Is it possible to request for installation services? For example, if I order some special lighting chandeliers from MIRACLE CRYSTAL, can you also help me with installing it in my home? A: At present MIRACLE CRYSTAL does not ensure any installation service, but only guarantees the delivery of the products to your shipping destination. NOTE: Next step upon receiving your order(s). A: After receiving your order(s) from the forwarding agent, we advised that you verify two things: 1) The number of delivered packages corresponds to your order confirmation 2) The package is in good condition (integral, undamaged, dry, etc.). Overall showed no signs of tampering *Damages, or missing items should be immediately reported to the forwarding agent who fulfilled the delivery. Q: What should I do, if the shipped goods are damaged? A: To avoid complications, MIRACLE CRYSTAL advise our Customers to check the conditions of the Product(s) upon delivery, prior to signing the delivered consent. If you notice the damage upon delivery, please refuse the product(s) and immediately email us. We will resolve the matter with the shipping carrier and replace your order as soon as possible. If you notice the damage after upon delivery, you have three business days (from the delivery date) to file a dispute with the shipping carrier with copies of the receipt and supporting documents (pictures, etc.) and a copy sent to MIRACLE CRYSTAL s.r.o. *We're always looking to improve our website. Your opinions matter to us! Please write to us at anytime. miraclecrystal.com

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